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Mobile App
DragonBound is also available for Android and iOS devices (iPhone / iPad). The app will run the game in full screen, no web address search bar, no browser buttons, and will have a direct access icon on the home screen.

For Android devices install DragonBound from Get it on Google Play as shown in the video:

For iOS devices install DragonBound as shown in the video: Steps: 1.- Open Safari browser. 2.- Enter the page dragonbound.net 3.- Press the share button 4.- Find and press the Add to Home Screen option. 5.- Press "Add" and open the game from your home screen.
💡 Tip: - If your iOS device is iPhone X / iPad Air 4 / iPad Pro (2018) / iPad mini 6 or a higher model, you can hide the "Home Bar" as shown in the video: (click on the video to play) Steps: 1.- Go to Settings 2.- Go to Accessibility 3.- Go to Guided access 4.- Enable the Guided Access option and set a code (you can use FaceID as security settings) 5.- Enable the Accessibility Shortcut option (it will allow you to activate and deactivate Guided Access by pressing the side button "Power ON" 3 times) 6.- Enter DragonBound and press 3 times power button to enable Accessibility Shortcut option and enjoy!