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Open the Configurations / Settings / Options window.
Use a Battle Item
Press to Pass Turn.
Change the chat from "All" to "Team" in the game. "Team" sends your message only to your teammates.
Open / close the friends list.
Enter / exit "Full Screen" mode.
Change weapons between Weapon 1, Weapon 2 and SS.
Open the chat box, it is also used to send the messages.
Hold the space key to fire your bullets, when in Slice shooting mode.
Hold to see various keyboard shortcuts keys in the lobby/room/game/shop screens.
Move your character to the left.
Move your character to the right.
Aim your angle up.
Aim your angle down. General left click, and you can use it to fire your bullets when in Drag shooting mode. Right click and hold the screen during a battle to move the camera and see the entire map.

Slice (Shooting Mode)

In Slice shooting mode, the space bar key is used to fire your bullets. Hold the Space key in the key to charge power. Release the space key to shoot in the select power.

Drag (Shooting Mode)

In Drag shooting mode, the mouse left button is used to file your bullets. Hold down the left mouse button, and drag the mouse to the right to select power. Release the mouse button to shoot at the selected power.

Touch Screen (like Phones / Tablets)

Move your character to the left. Move your character to the right. Aim your angle up. Aim your angle down. 💡 Note: - If you want to change weapons, touch the weapon you want. - If you want to use an item, touch the item you want. - If you want to pass turn, touch the Pass Turn button. - If you want to send a message you should touch the message bar to activate it and then send the message.

TouchShot Drag

Hold and drag to the right to charge up the power of your shot.

TouchShot Exact

You can click on the power bar directly to put the right power that you want. You can also hold your finger on the power bar for more accurate selecting of the power. When you release your finger it shoots the bullet at the power that you selected.