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Rank Name GP Rule Level Up Reward
Silver Dragon 56,417,718 GP Top 1
Red Dragon 36,338,832 GP Top 4
Blue Dragon 19,460,892 GP Top 16
Gold Wand 2,684,727 GP 0.1% Master Player (RARE)
Diamond Wand 815,455 GP 1% Ghost Set
Ruby Wand 395,612 GP 3% Obsy Dragon
Blue Wand 235,358 GP 6% Soldier Armor [Head]
Red Wand 136,762 GP 12% Soldier Armor [Body]
Gold Battle Axe + 77,327 GP 20% Musketeer [Head]
Gold Battle Axe 41,202 GP 32% Musketeer [Body]
Silver Battle Axe + 24,273 GP 46% Musketeer [Glass]
Silver Battle Axe 15,498 GP 62% Mega Man [Body]
Battle Axe + 10,131 GP 80% Mega Man [Head]
Battle Axe 6,900 GP - Mega Man [Glass]
Double Gold Axe 6,000 GP - DB Prince(ss) [Body]
Gold Axe 5,100 GP - DB Prince(ss) [Head]
Double Silver Axe 4,200 GP - Crab [Body]
Silver Axe 3,500 GP - Crab [Head]
Double Metal Axe 2,800 GP - Jelly Fish [Body]
Metal Axe 2,300 GP - Jelly Fish [Head]
Double Stone Hammer 1,800 GP - Jelly Fish [Flag]
Stone Hammer 1,500 GP - Spartan
Double Wood Hammer 1,200 GP - Dream Castle
Wood Hammer 1,100 GP - UFO
Chicken 1,000 GP and less Chick Set
There are 25 levels within the game which you can reach as long as you have the necessary "GP" score, this score will be obtained whenever a battle ends, the winner of the battle obtains greater benefits. Also, there are 2 special levels which are GM and MOD, who ensure the safety and welfare of users and the game, if you have any report or query you can make it to them. Rewards are automatically sent when leveling up: