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To display the list of available commands you can type "/?" - "/help" - "/ayuda" in the chat of the screen when you are in the Lobby / Room / Game Please note that some commands are only useful on certain screens. 🎲 /dice /dado: It will throw a random dice (mini game). βœ‚ /rps /ykp /jkp /ppt: Rock, paper, scissors mini game. πŸ‘¦ /add: Add a friend to your list (the user must be connected to the same server) "/add + [User's Nickname]". πŸ‘¦ /block: Block or allow other users to send you friend requests (use once blocks, use a second time allows). πŸ‘’ /kick: Kick a user out of the room. "/kick + [User Nickname]". πŸ‘’ /kick_a: Kick the red team (A) out of the room. πŸ‘’ /kick_b: Kick the blue team (B) out of the room. πŸ‘’ /kick_all: Kick all players out of the room. (Except yourself) 🀐 /mutelist: Shows the list of users that you have muted. 🀐 /mute: Mute a user, you will not see their comments while they are muted "/mute + [User's Nickname]". 🀐 /unmute: Unmute a user "/unmute + [User's Nickname]". 🀐 /unmuteall: Unmute all users that you have muted. 🀠 /master: Transfer the room master (can only be used by the room master) "/master + [User Nickname]". 🀠 /password: Change room password "/password + [New room password]" πŸ’‘ Note: - The room password must have a maximum length of 10 characters. 🀠 /sell_room: Put the room up for sale for PINCODE (cash) or avatars (only the master of the room can use it). 🀠 /offer: Offer PINCODE (cash) or an avatar to buy the room (to use this command you must be in the room you want buy). πŸ’‘ Note: - You must be Diamond Wand to offer avatars as a method of purchasing the room. - You can buy PINCODES on the Charge button from the Lobby or Shop.